Saturday, December 18, 2010

wedding card

preparation for wedding
now begin..

actually i also dunno where to start
coz seem like too much thing to do..
but its okay..
i think everything will be fine.
start from now..
slowly and steady..

it's a rainy day
but i still can smile like always..

back to preparation.
today.. i trying to select wedding card
try to search on internet
lots of wedding card appear..
nice, beautiful, cute..
omg... this card drive me crazy..

 see..very cute and i love it
nice card ever..
but is it cartoon okay for wedding card?
which mean.. for boss, for our relatives?
(for me.. just nice)
rm 1.00 - 500 pcs
rm 0.60 for 1000 pcs
( will think first)
please boo.. take for this one. please...
maybe have to think about this one
0.29 percard for 1000 pcs

still nice what... huhu. headache already.


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