Tuesday, November 24, 2009

celcom prepaid broadband..

at 10.30 , im at my office already.. nothing to do just check my games on facebook on all that..

near 12, boo online.. maybe u dont know who is boo huh.. lets u guys guess.. well.. it was very late to him near 12 just arrive at workplace.. he done!!! huhu... well.. when i ask he said that he go to giant.. ask for my usb celcom broadband... oh boo... u so nice ... well.. listening his explaination make me think that celcom prepaid package is suite me well. coz im not using for all he time .. i just need that when i go back to my hometown..!! he said he called me...but no answer.. with very fast action ... i check my hanphone.. but in my heart i said.. where got.. my phone not ringing at all.. huuhu... ops.. sorry boo.. that was silent mode...keh keh keh..

and i think i will got my own usb celcom .. no need to borrow celcom usb from my sister.. huhu.. i dont want to miss my facebook games..keh keh keh..!!

boring week

today and last previous day is a boring boring day...dem~~ hate when i feel boring..!!

but now in my mind i just been thinking about back to my hometown..now flood was everywhere.. quite scary to hear... hari raya qurban will be coming this friday.. i hope that i can go back to my hometown...waaa...

this evening , my long lasting friend, called ask either i go back to hometown or not.. sure i said... i want~~~~~

hope weather be much better than today..coz i miss my room ...!

1st writing

its been very long time..im not start my writing in blog.. i delete all my previous blog... but still got one more.. but for that one.. i forgot the password already.. huhu...
i hope this is my last blog and my last ending story will all in inside this blog...(u will see boo!! huhu)

so far, my life is quite tough but not so tough ... im now addicted to facebook games.. OMG.. im really addicted on that..

about job.. everything just fine.. my salary still not up yet .. need to ask my boss later.. huhu ..

about relationship..everything i hope gonna turn for the good thing for me.. wish me luck then ..!!!