Tuesday, November 24, 2009

celcom prepaid broadband..

at 10.30 , im at my office already.. nothing to do just check my games on facebook on all that..

near 12, boo online.. maybe u dont know who is boo huh.. lets u guys guess.. well.. it was very late to him near 12 just arrive at workplace.. he done!!! huhu... well.. when i ask he said that he go to giant.. ask for my usb celcom broadband... oh boo... u so nice ... well.. listening his explaination make me think that celcom prepaid package is suite me well. coz im not using for all he time .. i just need that when i go back to my hometown..!! he said he called me...but no answer.. with very fast action ... i check my hanphone.. but in my heart i said.. where got.. my phone not ringing at all.. huuhu... ops.. sorry boo.. that was silent mode...keh keh keh..

and i think i will got my own usb celcom .. no need to borrow celcom usb from my sister.. huhu.. i dont want to miss my facebook games..keh keh keh..!!

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