Tuesday, November 29, 2011


bila asyik dengan fesbuk lupa nak update blog
sekarang tak tahu apa nak tulis
pun macam takder apa nak dikongsi..
life being so average.

but now. im kinda busy with work
i guess i need vacation soon!
that so sooooonnnn! perhap.
and im being thinking about singapore.

about home,
kitten grow up already
naughty and cute..
i love them all.

my wish:
im shopping alots last few week.
but cheaper bag, cheaper contact lenses and cheaper accecories
all this cheap but in the big quantity. haha
i need upgrade my saving laaaaaaaaaaa!

but now, im just dreaming about my sofa bed
haisey.. so nice la that sofa that i saw from furniture at kb
red color multifunction.
cant wait to buying and put at the hall.

otherwise. my mood swing like monkey

ops. talk about monkey.
i love marmoset that i saw at polypets.
but huge price. 6k. duhhh!
i rather buying motocycle.. muahahhaa

oklah.. my english so broken broken oredi
i need to take my lunch!


for all : don't say u quit but otherwise u still smoking
smoking will burn yr heart.. then u got no heart to give it to me.?
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