Monday, August 1, 2011

the time i need u most

dear diary,
got one day...
that was the time i need u most
i tried to call or give a beep of sms
but i cant..
and im still hoping that u will call
maybe got some instinct..
but u never call

that was terrible and horror..
but i go thru by my own..
and i thank to friend and family... willing to hear
but yes.. the feelings can be the same as you was around
but it working to cheer me up..
and smile again..

oh... finally i
know why its happen
because u also dont want make any call
and ask me to not giving any call..

as u wish..
because your wish is my command.

(* i like this song!! ..indeed)
(arghhh..apa la novel camne. novel nih tak best!  )
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